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Patient Reviews

"As a GP I find Craig's treatments invaluable for those of my patients who suffer with chronic and debilitating musculo-skeletal problems. Many of these patients had all but given up hope after seeing numerous specialists and therapists over the years. Craig's treatments have transformed their lives: they have been able to get back to normal activities and exercise, and the knock-on effects for their health are incalculable. I have personally benefited greatly from Craig's treatment and I can't recommend him highly enough."
- Dr Mark Henderson
"Thank you so much for making me pain free. Your care and gentleness has made this experience so amazing. Wish I had come to you sooner. Your definitely the miracle man. Cant believe how I suffered for so long and am able to feel like I can do anything again. Thanking you so much Craig, you and your staff are legends. Forever grateful Sophia xxxxxx"
- Sophia Koroniadis
"My first impression when told about Craig's work was "it's too good to be true" after some 12 years of regular visits to the chiropractor, physio and remedial massage. I can comfortable say that this is the best I've felt in my life. I finally know what it's like to feel normal again. I never knew how out of alignment my body was till I sat down with Craig and he worked through my body one section at a time. In just 2 short visits (lower and upper body) he has done more for me than 12 years of any other physician combined. I'm now completely pain free, straight and have much more range. Highly recommend everyone to see him, this is a must."
- Michael Gould
"As a Physiotherapist I have very high expectations when I receive a treatment. Craig blew me out of the water, his understanding and passion about the human body is second to none. His techniques work! If you want to realign your body and protect yourself from injury I can not recommend Craig enough! Thank you for an awesome experience I look forward to next time."
- Arianne Romeo
"I am extremely happy I was referred to see Craig. I have been struggling with chronic pain for over a year now, seeing everyone from chiropractors, physio's and a sports doctor to try and help. None of that worked compared to what Craig was able to do. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone who isn't satisfied with the mainstream health response and wants to actually fix your chronic injury. Thanks Craig!"
- Jess Cain
"Met Craig what an absolute freak .. his expertise and knowledge is second to none ! Craig diagnosed me immediately with severe structural imbalances. This was causing dramatic Muscular Tension effecting then whole body. I’ve felt this imbalance and tension for over 15 years. I’ve seen countless Physio’s and chiropractors yet not one was able to fix me Always told “ you need to stretch more “. After my initial consultation , I had two treatments with Craig. Those two treatments have been life changing , no longer do I experience pain , my body is realigned . I am operating physically and mentally beyond what I could of imagined . I cannot recommend Craig Williams more highly . “ The Freak “
- Damian O'connell

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