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Musculoskeletal structural & muscular therapy with high speed improvements.

Craig Williams

Better Results Guarantee

Welcome to TBT, I’m Craig Williams! 

TBT focuses on helping your body reduce dysfunctional pain & inflammation, by tracing the origin of the issue and helping your body back into correct structural positioning. Once this has been achieved and your body is functioning in homeostasis, your body will then do what it is designed to do, and begin recovery from pain & injury.

All structural & muscular strains or stress are effectively treated creating lasting relief and structural stability using Total Body Therapy. If you have experienced structural instability or physical dysfunction, the words “I just wish I could fix my body” has probably escaped your lips at some point.

The best components of mainstream modalities are combined in Total Body Therapy to provide optimal musculoskeletal stability.

Total Body Therapy Guarantee

All treatments allow for a minimum of 1hr to thoroughly treat your body effectively. In most cases, by applying this therapy, I can dramatically improve the areas of concern within 2 visits.

As part of our guarantee, if you do not experience a notable improvement compared to other therapies, then no fee applies.

How It Started

The success of TBT as a therapy is based on a teaching that was established with over 50yrs of clinical practice by Thomas Creevey Musculoskeletal Therapist. Tom dedicated his life to understanding the human body and treating cases that were assessed as untreatable by the conventional thinking of western medicine and mainstream therapies.

Through assessing the complex mechanics of the human body where injury, pain or disfunction is present, Tom developed an understanding of the rotational shifts and muscular stress created by certain injury and or structural displacement.

It is one thing to know the theory but understanding how to physically rectify and correct the body in sequence, safely and effectively is the secret to providing optimal results.


We’re proud to have over 115+ five-star Google Reviews. You can read some below or click on the button to see more.

Upon visiting Craig for my first session, I had been suffering from chronic back pain everyday day for the past 5 years. After 1 consultation and 2 sessions my back pain was completely relieved, Craig’s knowledge of the human anatomy is second to none. I cannot recommend him enough if you are suffering from any back or body pain
Sakia Goldingclarke
This Guy is ridiculous ! I told him nothing and he not only told me what was wrong with my body but went on to tell me how I probably caused the injury in the first place and how long ago it happened which was spot on. Then proceeded to correct and fix what 20 years of therapy had not been able to achieve. Highly Highly recommended!!!
Colin Michael-McLachlan
I have had an old rear delt injury which I have been getting dry needling, physio and massage every week on for the past 3 years. I Seen Craig and in 2 visits completely fixed the issue! Each time I would train at the gym it would click.... once he treated me I haven't had any clicking at all. Seriously he is a miracle worker!!!
Samantha Mckie


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