Our Point Of Difference

Rather than targeting the area of complaint or discomfort, TBT provides an understanding of the body that can deliver the reason why that physical issue or injury is happening in the first place. Then we start unpacking the body, back to the origin of the deeper problem which is now showing up in different areas causing referral pain.

Instead of walking into a conventional mainstream treatment, feeling like you are on a subscription that requires multiple visits. This musculoskeletal approach generally only requiring two treatments to offer tangible and proven results.

Whatever structural or muscular issue is troubling you or causing you physical discomfort, in most cases, it can be rectified more efficiently by applying this therapy.

Total Body Therapy Guarantee

All treatments allow for a minimum of 1hr to thoroughly treat your body effectively. In most cases, by applying this therapy, I can dramatically improve the areas of concern within 2 visits.

As part of our guarantee, if you do not experience a notable improvement compared to other therapies, then no fee applies.

My Teacher & Mentor Thomas Creevey

My introduction to Thomas Creevey began over 30yrs ago through my involvement in the health & fitness industry I became aware of a sports injury specialist and bodywork practitioner who had a reputation as a miracle worker. His success stories, coming from athletes to children, mums, and dads, were too numerous to mention.

When I then became injured myself through quite severe high-speed impact injuries, I was both unhappy with the way I was treated and horrified with the prognosis. I felt like I was on an endless roster of therapy that was delivering limited improvements, like many others who have found themselves in this cycle, I was frustrated with the lack of results.

While recovering from this injury, I remembered the stories I had heard about Thomas and booked a consultation. During this consult, it was clear to me that I was in the right place. After the first treatment, the results I experienced were astonishing compared to traditional treatment protocols. What he was able to achieve with me in one visit compared to the months of therapy that I had endured is hard to put into words, the results were simply mind-blowing. I cannot describe to you the feeling of relief that came from that one visit, not just physical but the positive psychological effects were overwhelming, It felt like I actually knew I was going to achieve what other specialists had ruled out as being possible for me. During my time in treatment with Thomas, I realised I wanted to be more than a patient and asked Thomas to mentor me as a musculoskeletal TBT Practitioner over the many years of clinical and academic training with Thomas. I have stood witness to hundreds of similar scenarios playing out for others receiving this treatment.

My journey with Thomas as a patient, student, and friend has continued for over 30yrs and I am still on that journey today. I dedicate the results I achieve for my patients as a testament to the expertise Thomas developed over 50yrs of devotion to mastering his understanding of the body and how to treat it. I am forever grateful for the skills and knowledge his training provided me and honored to have had him as a friend and mentor.‚Äč

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