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"I am gobsmacked at the results I’ve gained in a very short time with Craig and his team at TBT. After nearly 3 decades of chronic debilitating pain and giving up on gaining any relief, I am feeling taller, lighter and more than a bit emotional from getting some relief that I never thought I would get after all the failed surgeries and treatments. I know from my pain journey that in the end you can stop looking because of all the things you’ve tried and all the money you’ve spent and you don’t think you can take another failure,. I’d suggest if you think like that try just one more therapy. Craigs knowledge of the human body and how it works is amazing, and bit by bit he gets you back together. I’m not saying I’m 100% better but with the extra mobility I have since seeing Craig I have hope and that’s not something I’ve had for a very very long time."
Jeff parrett
"Craig knows his stuff and his help with my back issue is much appreciated ."
Rob Schuman
"I had a hip replacement 4 years ago but the pain persisted and I was waiting for surgery on my other hip when I met Craig. In one session he “fixed” me!!! No more pain in both hips and no need for surgery anymore. I probably could have avoided my hip replacement if I knew Craig 4 years ago. Since my experience, I sent many “sceptical” friends with chronic pain (back, knees, elbows) and all came back absolutely amazed by the results. I call Craig “My Miracle Man” (3M). I could never thank him enough! MERCI BEAUCOUP. Sylvie"
"As a GP I find Craig's treatments invaluable for those of my patients who suffer with chronic and debilitating musculo-skeletal problems. Many of these patients had all but given up hope after seeing numerous specialists and therapists over the years. Craig's treatments have transformed their lives: they have been able to get back to normal activities and exercise, and the knock-on effects for their health are incalculable. I have personally benefited greatly from Craig's treatment and I can't recommend him highly enough."
Dr Mark Henderson
"The man delivers! Pointed out straight away what wasn’t sitting right with my body alignment & told me how he was going to straighten me & delivered. Cheers Craig! I’m sure you’ll see me again somewhere down the track 💪🏾"
Lane Lumley
"When I met Craig and he told me he could help me I was so excited. I have had back surgery for scoliosis was I was younger and been in pain for a long time and thought I was just going to have to live the pain for the rest of my life. To be instantly pain free is something I never thought would happen to me. I feel like a new person. My body feels amazing. It’s also helped me mentally too. What Craig does is amazing, he’s a great person and I highly recommend you see him."
Erin Hill
"I went and saw Craig to discuss my lower back soreness and muscle tightness and he could tell just by looking at my posture what was causing this. After receiving treatment i felt much better with more body movement and no lower back pain. With his knowledge on the human anatomy and body movement i can highly recommend seeing craig. thanks Craig."
chris graham
"Met Craig what an absolute freak .. his expertise and knowledge is second to none ! Craig diagnosed me immediately with severe structural imbalances. This was causing dramatic Muscular Tension effecting then whole body. I’ve felt this imbalance and tension for over 15 years. I’ve seen countless Physio’s and chiropractors yet not one was able to fix me Always told “ you need to stretch more “. After my initial consultation , I had two treatments with Craig. Those two treatments have been life changing , no longer do I experience pain , my body is realigned . I am operating physically and mentally beyond what I could of imagined . I cannot recommend Craig Williams more highly . “ The Freak “ Damian O’connell"
damian o'connell
"Craig was fantastic! Very Knowledgeable and was able to fix my knee within 1 session! Definitely worth the visit"
Ashley James
"Craig is a wizard. He identified the problem before I even sat down. His treatments are thorough and I felt results immediately. Thanks mate!"
Josh Nicholls
"I wish I had found Craig Williams from Total Body Therapy earlier! I had been in constant pain from a shoulder injury for 10 months and had tried everything : physio, massage, dry needling and nothing worked. I was at my wit's end and was getting to the stage where I could barely leave the house. After 3 sessions with Craig, everything changed. The pain in my neck and shoulder has gone and I have mobility. I can't recommend him highly enough! He listens, he is thorough in his approach and most importantly, he gets results. He really listens to you and respects your views. He takes a very thorough, holistic approach taking into account not just the body but the mind and spirit as well. He truly understands the terrible impact that chronic pain can have on your daily life."
Charlotte Jean
"Total Body Therapy is just as the name suggests. Craig has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in assessing and treating the body holistically. I was amazed to learn how I was unwittingly restricting my range of movement in order to compensate for pain caused from countless injuries over many decades. This restriction was negatively affecting my joints, my posture, causing further problems and worst of all more pain. After many years of seeking relief I found Craig and Total Body Therapy and am now enjoying life pain free and with more confidence in my every step."
Ann-Maree Hanna
"We met Craig under an emergency appointment. My daughters neck was so stiff and sore she was immobile all day. Not only did Craig fit us in at very late notice but he treated her for two hours until he was satisfied all aspects were explored and corrected. My daughters comment was “he is a Magician” as she walked out feeling completely renewed. We thank Craig for his care, knowledge and treatment. Craig has now treated another daughter and she has never felt so good. Her hips are adjusted and she can feel the difference already. Craig is a marvel at his work- Highly recommended."
Veronica Bennett
"I have a new body. Feel amazing. Only treatment that has worked for me. Highly recommend"
Max Bullpitt
"Great guy, fun to talk to, fantastic music taste. More importantly though, he was able to diagnose and solve a shoulder problem that 3 other physiotherapists couldn't even identify. Following a gym accident I had nerve issues all the way down my left arm that made me essentially useless. After two sessions over the course of one week I was back at the gym and have been symptom free since. Couldn't reccomend this guy more!"
Garrett Taylor
"Transformative techniques delivered by an intuitive genius."
Ken Jackson
"Craig is masterful in his ability to read the body to understand the origins of one imbalance. I highly recommend Craig as his competency and ability is only matched by his professionalism."
Paul Briggs
"Very different techniques that hit the spot! Never moved more freely."
Daniel & Arriann O’Keeffe
"After walking out from one chrio who told me they could not treat me, I went straight to Total Body Therapy. I was expecting to be told I would need at least 3 sessions to release my pain. After only one session with Total Body Therapy I walked away pain free and with no need for a follow up session. Craig is very professional and found the sources of my pain in one session to adjust. I can not recommend him highly enough!"
Fashion Factories
"Craig has helped fix me a few times and I have always left feeling heaps better than when I arrived. He has even found some problems in areas I wasn’t aware of and I was left with a lot more mobility in some of my joints and no longer in pain! I highly recommend his services; I have never been able to find a therapist that has given me results this amazing!"
Katie Chiasson
"Craig has put me back together more times than I can count. He fixed me when no one else could. Don't know where I'd be today without him. I'd probably be still limping around in pain. Can't recommend enough. He's a miracle worker."
Tee Atks
"I was put on to Craig by a mutual friend , I’m have permanent pain and damage to my hips and lower back from a terrible work accident 2 years ago . I have seen Craig 3 times now and I have never smiled and felt as relieved as I have done after my therapy. I can not explain how or why but I will say just get in there . Craig thank you Brent"
Brent Simpson
"Been playing sport for 10+ years and can not remember the last time my body felt this good, Craig is the man and I couldn’t recommend this clinic enough to anyone!"
Harry Lincoln
"Craig is a magician........ I have suffered for so long and have had many different therapists, but after seeing Craig I now have only one. 🥰"
Bernie Smeeton
"I am over the moon with my treatment. My foot and knee were both locked before my treatment with Craig. After 1.5hrs of treatment I walked away as if I were brand new. So happy and so professional! Thank you again Craig"
Devon Williams
"Craig is an absolute legend! Got me back up and running in no time! Would highly recommend."
Liam Tisdall
"Craig was able to fix a painful hamstring injury that was causing me grief every time I ran. Being a world beach sprint champion I had tried others to fix the problem but Craig was the only one able to. His treatment is next level and I now feel like my entire body has been correctly manipulated to its proper position."
michael hanna
"Craig is a magician, he sorted out some long term issues I had accumulated over the months of hard training. Body is now aligned and working as it was designed for, will be back for more tweaks as required."
Marc White
"Total Body Therapy is the right name! Craig's experience and skill allow him to approach treatment from a holistic point of view. He not only corrects your problem but fixes the other problems that led to and were caused by your problem! Awesome, friendly dude to boot. Just go here."
Jain Rhys
"Craig’s treatment has helped me recover from a bad reoccurring shoulder injury, without Craig’s help I thought I was up for surgery for sure! Couldn’t recommend his work enough , full legend cheers Craig!!"
Jack Longly
"The first time I went to Craig was for persistent shoulder pain from an old injury. I was a bit sceptical as I had tried other traditional methods with no real results. Craig was awesome, he put my mind at ease and my shoulder improved dramatically since that first session. I have since introduced my 11 & 13yo kids to him for various issues. My son injured his knee recently and could barely put pressure on it when walking. After a session with Craig he walked out with no pain. Craig is very thorough and takes the time to listen to any concerns. I cannot recommend him enough!! Thanks again Craig!"
Alisha Kordis
"My first session with Craig my body was in pretty good shape at the time, however though his intuitive interaction with me he found a sneaky little problem in my neck that I had become so accustomed to. For years when I went surfing, sometimes while paddling I would get throbbing headaches, he realigned it for me and I was skeptical it was going to stop, I’ve seen other osteopaths in the past and it’s never left me. After 1 visit with Craig it’s been almost 12 months and I still get no build up pressure like I used to. It’s totally amazing !! My second visit to his space I was in a really, really bad way. I’d done something to my hip and shoulder, I couldn’t walk right, sit right and hadn’t slept right for over a week. I’d never felt pain like this before in my life. When I arrived Craig and his beautiful wife Devin again made me feel welcome. His warmth as you enter the room sets you up to trust in his methods. Craig explains what is technically going on with your body to feel the way you do. This gave me a wholesome understanding not only to the construction of my own body which in turn helped me with assisting the process. I WALKED OUT WITH ZERO PAIN ✨✨✨✨✨ Besides the residue massage that needed to take place to loosen the muscle, I walked to my car and I almost couldn’t believe it, again, for the second time around ! I have so much gratitude for the knowledge Craig carries and wonder why it took me so long to find someone who truly can help support the human structure and release your worst nightmares. HE’S THE MAN 🙌🏽💖💖💖"
"I first booked my daughter who is quite heavily involved in a range of sports, in with Craig over a year ago. She had some niggling injuries that just weren’t going away. Craig worked on her entire body, not just the area that she was feeling it in, and put everything right again. Craig came highly recommended from a number of people we know through her sports, and we are so grateful they did."
Ben and Sam Alford
"I am extremely happy I was referred to see Craig. I have been struggling with chronic pain for over a year now, seeing everyone from chiropractors, physio's and a sports doctor to try and help. None of that worked compared to what Craig was able to do. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone who isn't satisfied with the mainstream health response and wants to actually fix your chronic injury. Thanks Craig!"
Jess Cain
"Thank you so much for making me pain free. Your care and gentleness has made this experience so amazing. Wish I had come to you sooner. Your definitely the miracle man. Cant believe how I suffered for so long and am able to feel like I can do anything again. Thanking you so much Craig, you and your staff are legends. Forever grateful Sophia xxxxxx"
Sophia Koroniadis
"I've had pain in my neck for the last 2 years, I've been to many other therapists and I always get the same story, come in for a 15min appointment - a couple of adjustments and come back in each week for the next couple of months (with no lasting results). I eventually got sick and tired of spending all this money without yielding any results and THANKFULLY my friend gave me Craig's business card and I booked in to see him. Lets just say, he told me what the problem was and where it was stemming from, booked me in for 2 appointments, and ACTUALLY FIXED MY NECK PROBLEMS. I can't thank you enough for how you treated me, Craig, I'll pass on your therapy to everyone I know! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 5 STARS!!!!!!"
Thalita Carvalho
"i am not waking up in pain anymore, life is great. Thanks Craig your a wonder. I highly recommend Total Body Therapy"
bart bartley
"I never ever leave reviews, but this one has to be said! I have been suffering from chronic calf muscle pain due to my imbalances to my hip, which also affected my upper body as well. I have been weight training with my imbalances, which made everything worse, and so did the pain. Let's just say I was broken. Over the years, I have been treated by chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, sports massage therapists, and acupuncture... You name it, I have tried it! On my first consultation, Craig said to me "All I need is 2 sessions to fix your imbalances, and I will fix you so you don't have to come back again and again." The morning after my first adjustment was the first morning in maybe 6 years that I got out of bed without a pain on my right calf! Not only was my pain in my calf gone, my knee pain was no longer there too. Today was my second adjustment, and Craig has adjusted my upper body. I walked out of there feeling lighter, and the range of motion I now have is just mind blowing! Craig, I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life! Thanks to you my good Sir. I no longer have to walk around with pain every day. I am going to spread this good word to as many people as I possibly can like a mad Christian on a mission! Thank you Craig!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏"
Moses kim
"My first impression when told about Craig's work was "it's too good to be true" after some 12 years of regular visits to the chiropractor, physio and remedial massage. I can comfortable say that this is the best I've felt in my life. I finally know what it's like to feel normal again. I never knew how out of alignment my body was till I sat down with Craig and he worked through my body one section at a time. In just 2 short visits (lower and upper body) he has done more for me than 12 years of any other physician combined. I'm now completely pain free, straight and have much more range. Highly recommend everyone to see him, this is a must."
Michael Gould
"Massive shoutout to Craig for working his magic highly recommend massive thankyou"
Jake Oldham
"Craig's knowledge and professionalism was exceptional, not only did he fix the issue I was having, he fixed all underlying issues I had which I didn’t know about."
Charlie Olsen
"As a 55 year old avid sports lover who surfs, plays golf and cricket I needed someone that understands the human body and how it all works together and how to keep it active as I get older. Craig regularly treats my niggling little injuries before they become serious and stop me enjoying an active lifestyle. I could not recommend him highly enough to those that want to stay active and avoid serious injury."
noahj456 Usher
"Craigs calming manner and reassurance along with his experience, unique techniques and knowledge have ridden me of my long standing chronic neck & back issues. His adjustments are done well, keying in on the problem area quickly. Craig listens well and answers a plethora of my questions and has patience for his patients. Craigs motivation to help me achieve a level of wellness for a quality of life through his treatment is exceptional. I’m Very grateful."
Rachael Gruzlewski
"Craig has completly changed the way my body works. I went in at late notice with a frozen shoulder but he addressed the underlying issues I have had for many years. In two sessions I feel a thousand times better and fully reset. I will be back and recommending people to see him."
Blake Livesey
"Craig is an incredible therapist with a abundance of knowledge and experience in his field and is a great asset to the Gold Coast. He is honest with his diagnosis and goes above and beyond to look after and provide relief from pain for his clients. Thanks for everything!"
Zoe Wollermann
"I had a number of niggling injuries for years that I could never seem to get rid of in my back, neck and shoulder. One session with Craig sorted everything right out. It felt like years of compression was finally released. And all with only one session. Highly recommend the service."
Greg Morris
"Never felt better!!!"
Phil Dark
"Craig is amazing i highly recommend him if u need help with ur back :)"
Sebastian Strzelecki
"Wow was what I thought after my first session with Craig. I have been managing pain for the past 20 years (after 2 x serious car accidents + hip issues at birth) I am now 40 years old & have had both my right & left hips operated on in the past 5 years (arthroscopy) I also have 2 x degenerative discs in my lower back with a third on the way out. After the last hip operations 2 years ago I never recovered properly - and I had given up hope of reaching a certain fitness, training, & pain management level. I had resided to the fact that at some point in the next 10 years I would need a hip replacement and likely a back operation I had resorted to managing the pain and maintaining some form of active lifestyle and gym routine. To manage this pain for the past 10 – 14 years I have been seeing a Physio, Masseuse, Chiropractor regularly – This was what I found worked best to keep my body at what I called a neutral & most bearable pain threshold. Over the years I have seen every type of therapist including myotherapists, osteopaths, multiple exercise physios – but nothing seemed to get me past a certain point – I would always go from neutral to body flaring up or ceasing up and then get treated accordingly and repeat the cycle. I was wrong – After seeing Craig’s for the initial 2 x session I had hope again. When her firs told me to walk and see how I felt I couldn’t believe my hips, lower back and legs felt the best they had in over 10 years or more… I went to see my physio a fortnight later to see what he thought - The main muscles around my hips had started getting stiff again - so I wanted to get those released & seek some feedback… I wanted to ensure I wasn’t going mad... He did the usual impingement tests we do at each Physio session on my hips … and said he was blown away! The physio said if he had stretched my hip joint that far prior to seeing Craig I would have jumped off the table in pain… amazing! I have now seen Craig twice since the initial visits – one extra visit then required – that was my fault as I was feeling so good I went too hard and heavy at the gym 6 weeks since my first session and even though I have aggravated my back occasionally – My muscles still get tight but to as bad as previous. I have noticed every time my body & muscles start to flare up I am nowhere near as painful as it was before seeing Craig. The constant pain on my lower disc, hips has not returned and is only a fraction of the pain I was enduring daily prior. I am far better off since seeing Craig - but more importantly I have direction again – I have some achievable goals.. more importantly I have hope again and can feel my body getting stronger every days leading to a far more active lifestyles. The goal for me now is to keep strengthening the body, lose 10kgs. Craig only suggest going to see him as needed - He said to me originally you will know when your body is out drastically then come and see me… he was right… Each time I have seen Craig he explains what muscles have triggered the effect and gives me a plan moving forward to ensure I am always making progress Thanks Craig for all your help If you have read this and are still uncertain I suggest book the initial session – you won’t regret it!!"
Adam Robson
"Craig is awesome! He got me in quick and was very confident within what he does and has a lot of experience from his own injuries and knowledge which was great. Ive been to a lot of different physios, chiros, acupuncture etc and I definitely feel like Craigs technique pin pointed what muscles were restricting me and causing me pain and was able to do a full body release which has given more range of movement and spine feeling much more taller and switched on."
Angie Cooley
"Craig has helped me to achieve excellent results with an ongoing injury. A friendly and knowledgeable practitioner, that puts a lot of effort into his work and achieving results. 🙏 🙌👌"
Anthony Mansfield
"After thinking that I was going to be restricted and stuck with hip and shoulder issues for the rest of my life, two sessions with Craig and that’s proven to not be the case at all. It’s unbelievably comforting to be in the presence of someone with so much knowledge, passion for, and confidence in what they do. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough🙏"
Sally Cross
"Booked to see Craig after hearing about him from a friend when I started to complain about slight lower back pain. My first visit Craig found the issue, I had broken my leg at a young age which they repaired but never reset the hip which over time was throwing my whole body out. After visiting Craig back pain is no more and my posture is the best it’s ever been. Definitely recommend to anyone with little aches, issues or injuries, Craig will save you from years of discomfort."
Jack McQueen
"Craig is amazing. He was recommended by a friend, who like myself engages in extreme physical activity and is often injured. I suffered with sciatic pain for many years and it only got worse over time. Years beforehand I had seen a different physio but they only gave me some basic, generic stretches and did not properly explain what was wrong with me so I did not properly fix my injury. Craig expertly explained exactly what my problem was and he could see instantly how I was misaligned. After only a few visits Craig made sure I was structurally sound and gave me all the information I needed to know, to keep myself healthy and pain-free in the future. I can't recommend Craig highly enough! If you have any physical pain or movement issues, do yourself a favour and go see him."
Rush de Twin
"Was recently on holidays in Tugun, during the holidays i was far more active then I’d normally be in my day to day life. The usual activities such as tennis, running, walking, riding, swimming etc, as oppossed to my limited excercise daily as a truck driver. I came across Craig through a google search and gave him a call. From the get go he was confident he was able to help me. I turned up to Craig’s studio walking like a tin soldier & moving about like a half open pocket knife. Craig took one look at me and rattled off numerous issues I was having and why. As they say, sitting is the new smoking & I unfortunetly do alot of it. He passionately got to work on me through massage, muscular manipulation and alignment techniques. He was able to explain everything he was doing & give tips on how to prevent my issues in the future. Some pains I have dealt with for years where shifted & I left the studio feeling like a new man, straight to the beach I went feeling 19 again. Trust the process. You wont be dissapointed. Thanks Craig. See you next holiday!"
Liam K
"when I injured my back I spoke to Craig who reassured me that I would be right after 2 visits. Craig took the time to learn about the injury and conducted a full examination to work out the cause of my pain. After the two visits Craig fixed the issues in my back, including an issue in my calf which was a contributing factor. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone. He understands the body and will do his best to make sure you leave healthy. Thanks."
Paul Renouf
"Thank You Craig! After a serious motorcycle accident and years working a physically demanding job I’m finally feeling back to normal again! Craig literally put me back together again in one session. I can’t recommend Craig highly enough."
Doug Kordis
"Where do I start! I have studied in many systems of body therapies, human performance and holistic health and have been treated by some of the best practitioners in Australia and the US. I can say with out a shadow of a doubt Craig is the real deal! Not only is his body therapy technique unique (in the best way) he truely has a talent that gets expressed through his art of healing and optimal structural alignment. Thank you Craig, I’m always feeling well aligned and the issues I do have seem to render them selves non existent. Highly recommend"
vaughan sauverain
"Craig is an amazing practitioner. He has a very clear and methodical approach to assessing and treating you as a unique individual. He spends the time which is refreshing to me (Ive seen so many that don`t) . I have no doubt that he will sort out any body issue you might have. 💪😎"
Callum Taylor
"Disbelief!! After a horrible bike accident a year ago, I have never been the same. I was seen by every specialist I could find and gave them credible reasons to why I was in the condition I was. But no one could provide a solution or treatment that delivered any lasting results. I still can not believe how good I felt after what Craig did. It seemed simple and yet the results have been incredible. Happy to provide this review out of respect and thanks. Highly recommend!"
Graham Cartwright
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